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Not Just Clean,
But Laser-Clean!
Delicate cleaning Coating removal Rust & corrosion removal Surface preparation

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Not Just Clean,
But Laser-Clean!
Delicate cleaning Coating removal Rust & corrosion removal Surface preparation

What is Laser Cleaning?

Laser surface cleaning systems work by aiming a powerful high-pulsed laser at a rusted, painted, or coated surface. This energy disintegrates existing contaminates and effectively removes them from the substrate. It doesn’t continue to burn away the solid surface underneath because, especially in the infrared, metals reflect light very well. 

What’s left is a clean and weldable surface..


Kill and Prevent

Never worry about rust anymore, we got you!

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Who is using CleanTech?

Jonathan - CleanTech LPC-2000-CTHD

man restoring car

Jonathan has a classic car restoration business in California and is out in the shop almost all the time. Being he has a reputation of doing incredible work, he is demanding about restoring these cars to “like-new” condition. This involves removing the rust that is common on an old, unrestored vehicle. He uses the LPC-2000-CTHD for removing rust on frames and body panels, as well as cleaning grease and rust from engine parts.

For Jonathan, the CleanTech LPC-2000-CTHD . . .

  • Saves time on restorations
  • Saves money as work can be done by himself,
  • Is portable and can be brought to the area needed
  • Is easy to use and makes fast work of the task,
  • Doesn’t require multiply pieces of safety equipment
  • Keeps job inhouse, increasing profits
man restoring car

Sean - CleanTech LPC-200-CTHD

man in front of plane

Sean owns an airplane maintenance business in Rhode Island and wants to offer more services to his customers when it is time for maintenance on their planes. More services offered equals more profits for his company. One of Sean’s employees uses the LPC-200-CTHD to clean propellers, engine parts, and remove failing paint from the fuselage. Being that laser cleaning is eco-friendly, his employees are happy, and he is happy that his facility meets any federal regulations.

For Sean, the CleanTech LPC-200-CTHD . . .

  • Makes him money
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Is a green solution to plane maintenance
  • Is cheap to operate and has no consumables
  • Has a big ROI
  • Give him a competitive edge

Why use Laser Systems over other cleaning and removal methods...


Selective, precise stripping of layers.

Laser, unlike sandblasting, is selective, making it easy to focus on a very small spot or strip with no effect on adjacent materials.


No damage to the substrate.

The removal of the degraded or coated layer affects only a few microns and the materials absorb the radiation according to their color, making the action of the laser even more specific.


Elimination of environmental issues.

Because the laser cleaning system does not require the use of chemicals or of abrasive materials, there are no grinding fumes to breathe or contaminate the area; and no hazardous chemicals to dispose of.


Faster, more cost-efficient procedure.

They provide the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods, are many times faster than the use of chemicals, lowering labor costs, leaves no waste or debris, and often returns on the investment can be seen in less than a year.

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This is what you've been looking for!

Choose Laser Cleaning
over Sandblasting

Laser cleaning is a more precise, safe, and environmentally friendly option than sandblasting . It is ideal for delicate or fragile surfaces, as it does not create any physical contact with the surface, reducing the risk of damage. Laser cleaning produces no harmful by-products, making it a great choice for projects where environmental impact is a concern.

Debating the more cost effective option? Of course, it’s Laser Cleaning!

It is also more precise than sand blasting, making it ideal for removing contaminants from smaller or more intricate surfaces.

Over 100+ Companies trust us

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The best solution for your cleaning needs...



A handheld laser system has a head unit that is connected to the main machine via cable, is mobile, and can be used anywhere!

Dual Axis


A Dual-Axis laser has an optical pattern that is shaped like a box. It will clean the part faster and can handle complex shapes better than a single axis laser.



Roughing lasers are suited for quick removal of thick layers of contamination, extensive rust, or thick coating removal. They handle larger jobs with ease and produce a rougher, coarse finish to surface substrate. 

A quick look at our cleaning products

200CTHD-3D-Isolated-Front-View - no shadow

CleanTech LPC 200-CTHD

You can now clean rust, remove paint and other coatings, then finish the surface of nearly any material with surgical accuracy by using the LPC-200-CTHD portable handheld finishing laser.


CleanTech LPC 2000-CTHD

With the LPC-2000-CTHD dual axis fiber laser system, you can clean rust, remove coatings, then easily switch to roughing the surface of nearly any material- using the same handheld laser.


CleanTech Laser Blaster Cabinet

The CleanTech Laser Blaster Cabinet system is the only laser cleaning machine in the world that incorporates the exclusive power of a fiber laser with a handheld laser blasting head inside an enclosed 30” x 26” work area.

CleanTech LPC 3000-CTHD

The LPC-3000-CTHD is the fastest laser system in the CleanTech line. Perfect for cleaning and removing rust, corrosion and other materials from large surface areas or when dealing with tight time constraints.

A few industries using CleanTech lasers...

  • Manufacturing pre-and post-welding
  • Paint removal and Surface Preparation
  • Coating removal on windshields

  • Pre-welding
  • Preparation for coating
  • Ship maintenance
  • Selective De-painting

  • Surface profiling and conditioning
  • Cleaning of jet engine parts
  • Selective de-painting

Few more details, just for you...

  • Laser Finishing
  • Laser Cleaning & Surface Prep
  • Precise Paint Removal
  • Surface Texturing & Conditioning
  • Pre-Adhesion Treatment
  • Pre- and Post-Weld Preparation
  • Degreasing/Decontamination
  • Rust & Corrosion Removal
  • Mold Release Cleaning
  • Zinc, Anodization, Oxide Removal
• Steel • Iron
• Ceramic • Aluminum
• Brass • Titanium
• Copper • Concrete
• CFRP • Plastic
• Silicon • Metal Alloys
• Cast Iron • Carbide
• Chrome • Galvanized Metals
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safer for the workforce
  • Cost effective 
  • Fast and easy to use 
  • Budget friendly 
  • No consumables
  • Low to no maintenance required
  • High ROI in the long term 
  • They run forever, literally!

We offer custom solutions!

Laser Photonics is a customer focused and result oriented company.

We are always looking for the best solution to provide the best quality of service.

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